Francis Lawrence chosen to direct Catching Fire

Well, that didn’t take long. Just last night, we told you about the short list of directors for Catching Fire, Lionsgate’s highly anticipated follow-up to The Hunger Games. Like many people, we speculated that, among the choices, Francis Lawrence was probably the best option. Looks like Lionsgate agrees, as Deadline reports that Lawrence has been chosen for the job.

Lawrence recently directed Water For Elephants, but he’s best known for directing the 2007 Will Smith action/drama I Am Legend. That film shares similarities with the futuristic world of the Hunger Games, and I think Lawrence will be a fine successor to Gary Ross’s throne. Like the Twilight series and Harry Potter before it, The Hunger Games fans have already proven they’re willing to spend big bucks to see movies made out of their favorite books, and the tactic of choosing a different director for every film isn’t a groundbreaking decision.

Take a look at the Mission: Impossible franchise for another example of how bringing in fresh directors can change the vibe of a series. Here’s hoping Lawrence can make a movie that’s just as good as Ross’ take on the original.

  • Guest

    I thought Ross did a terrible job at directing the Hunger Games – did he even read the book??? Really looking forward to what Lawrence can do as he is a much better director anyway! Wish they’d chosen him from the start.

    • Guest

      You know the author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, helped write the screenplay so you can’t fully blame the director for it not following the book – the author obviously allowed changes

  • Animecraziedfan

    i liked it, there were some differences and some were a little annoying, but over all I love the additions to the movie and I thought it was done well

  • UofMSpoon2

    Ok. It is a movie BASED on the book, not a movie OF the book.  There is a difference and a studio can do a lot of changes with that “based” part.