First trailer for Disney’s video game movie Wreck-It Ralph

Disney has released the first trailer for their upcoming animated video game-inspired film, Wreck-It Ralph. It stars John C. Reilly as a Donkey Kong-esque character who is sick of being the unappreciated villain, so he goes “game jumping” in order to become a hero. This trailer gives a great look at the excellent imagery of the movie, including fully-licensed real video game characters like Q-Bert and Bowser. Take a look below!

This has the potential to be one of Disney’s best animated movies since acquiring Pixar. Formerly the industry’s biggest and most successful animation giant, Disney’s animated works have been eclipsed by Pixar’s remarkable run of quality films since being brought into the fold. Wreck-It Ralph could stand next to the underappreciated Bolt when all is said and done as some of their best efforts that could rival Pixar’s string of hits.

Wreck-It Ralph is directed by Rich Moore and also stars the voice talents of Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch. What do you think?