First poster for The Hangover Part III

hangover-3 The first poster for The Hangover Part III has been revealed. It features an epic stare-down between the two most insane characters in the series, Alan and Chow, along with the tagline “It all ends,” and Las Vegas burning in the background. This is obviously a reference to the poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, which similarly had Harry and Voldermort staring each other down and the same tagline.

Here’s the poster:


The poster was revealed over on Facebook via The Hangover’s official page, just in time for the release of the first teaser trailer tomorrow. The Hangover III will mercifully have an original story that will apparently center around Alan. That’s good news considering the fact that Hangover II was essentially the exact same movie as the original, just with a new setting.

The guys will return to Vegas in Part III, for at least a portion of the film, and Heather Graham and Mike Epps who were absent in Hangover II are both back as well. I just hope that poor Justin Bartha, AKA White Doug, doesn’t get left on the sidelines again.

  • Sideeka Ali

    Hi Derick, just letting you know that Hallows was spelled incorrectly above.

    • Liam

      Edited, thanks!