Will Fast Six be a heist movie?

Early box office figures for Fast Five overseas suggest people aren’t tired of the car franchise yet, but the people calling the shots at Universal are intending to switch lanes for the next film. We heard that Chris Morgan had been re-hired to write the script for Fast Six last week, and now Universal chairman Adam Fogelson has revealed details on the plot.

From Deadline:

Universal’s intent is to transform the street-racing franchise into a series of heist films.

“We’ve heard so many people say, ‘I’ve never seen one, and I’ve never wanted to see one,’ about the Fast franchise,” Fogelson said. “So if these movies were still about street racing, there was probably a ceiling on how many people would buy tickets. We wanted to see if we could raise it out of about racing and make car driving ability just a part of the movie, like those great chases in The French Connection, The Bourne Identity, The Italian Job,” Fogelson explained. With Dodge as a partner, “Our strategy behind one of the biggest bets we’ve ever made is that the business has gone so far towards CG action every weekend, that we really believe creating a movie with real action and real cars will be amazing stuff to people excited by seeing something real.”

There’s the famous line “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, but Universal are obviously trying to broaden the appeal of the franchise by focusing less on the cars, and more on the general action. Having not seen Fast Five yet I’m not sure whether this qualifies as a spoiler. but the article also states Dwayne Johnson (who plays a federal agent assigned to track down the Fast Five gang) will be “integral to the action in Fast Six.”

What do fans of the franchise think of these plans? Would you rather the focus remain on cars, or would a change in plot help keep the franchise fresh?

  • Shadowsnake6969

    Actually from the looks of things,they’re losing the thing that made the movies in the first place…THE RACING!!! Go back to the street racing/customizing roots of the first movie.

  • Anonymous

    It needs to keep the balance.


    The only disappointment I had with Fast Five is they cut the racing scene when Dom took Bryan to get the Porsche. Could have been a great race. I hope they add it in as a deleted scene when it’s released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

    I do think they need to have a better balance and include a bit more racing.

    • Kyle24fan

      i agree completely, i was pissed when they just skipped to them having the porshe in the garage 

  • Gdimas23

    they need balance. the cars make the movie then action! Seeing all the cars like the corvette, gt40, chargers, 07 skyline the detomasso, and all the hot women thats fast and furious! urealistic stunts and driving scenes are the entertainment! I want to be entertained with cool effects and chemistry. Plot does not matter too much becuz its a fantasy that is what a cool movie should be!

  • Fenyx

    I like both the action and off course the cars keep the focus on both fast five was amazing love it plus i enjoy all the movies

  • Coldfusion_292

    definitely cars and the hot women screw the plot

  • Brandt4christ

    You can’t remove what the franchise was built on and hold onto the name. There definitely has to be a balance between cars and action.

  • bob

    More cars since the movie seris is all about it

  • Me

    Def agree with changing plots to keep fresh..huge fan of the whole franchise.

  • S-WISS-89

    I think that you should put both plots together and make one good movie. In the beginning these movie they were all about racing and a nice car. Don’t take away any of that. Just keep up the good work that your doing and make something good that will surprise us people that love the show.

  • Rmccoy13

    I think they took it to another level. The Fast and The Furious was the start but they all still had a lot of growing to do. With Fast Five it’s different, it’s better I think, I think the action was just right, the plot was awesome.. Who cares if it didn’t have them sitting in a lot around 100 cars watching 4 cars race. It needed that change and in Fast Five they found it.

  • Sugarplum1128

    Keep the focus on cars n street raicing! Throw a bit of change in there but street racing n cars is wat keeps my family going back to watch this movies! I’m a female but I love cars n street racing!

  • Kyle24fan

    i think it should stay with street racing, none of the films have been just about street racing.. there is always some motive behind the chace scenes  

  • Jack Potter

    Ur all wrong fast five was mint and is the best one yet 

  • Thomas Poulos

     hope fast six is comeing soon

  • Von_derick15

     I hope they include all the actions that they have worked on starting from FAST and FURIOUS until the last movie FAST FIVE. What I mean here is doing some racing, drifting, chasing some traitors maybe or new enemies. Anyway thanks for all the workers of FAST and FURIOUS, and oh don’t exclude Paul Walker and Vin Diesel :). Thumbs Up for Never Ending Fast and Furious Movies

  • Missportugese

    as long as Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson comes back, I will continue to buy tix to see these films.  I like the whole idea of fast cars, but the hot buff guys are also a great addition to the franchise; and the hot women as well.

  • Hbkno12002

    Need a bit more racing in it aprat from the fast five is one of ma fav movies of all time along with the first 4 fatf films

  • Trissy2436

    I have loved these movies from the very first one and fast five is just as awesome I LOVED IT can’t wait for part 6 I am anxious to see where it goes. Vin Diesel and Walker are awesome and I loved seeing them paired up again

  • Elviapr61

    I want Lil Wanye to be in Fast Six and Fast Seven

    • Lbrown1985

      Did this guy really say he wants lil wanye in the movie wow that kill the movie I won’t see that movie keep the ymcm fans out this moive please

  • Wilkinsgeorge21

    I say keep it to the streets and bring in custom diesel

  • Scooteroo05

    Keep it about the cars thats the whole appeal of the franchise

  • Calebtucker24

    I think they r doin great with the movies, show us how the fast five or six now get there money. They obviously get it behind the wheel of a car in some way just not in a race more then likely they’ll be gettin chased. I cant wait to see where they take #6 and 7

  • Fast 6

    More cars and street racing as they did not show on fast five