Ed Harris to join Dwayne Johnson in Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain

Ed Harris is about to reunite with the director of The Rock while starring opposite The Rock. The veteran actor is reportedly joining Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, the director’s smaller budget departure from the Transformers franchise.

Vulture has the story, and a pretty good rundown of the plot:

[It’s] about several boneheaded Miami bodybuilders whose plot to kidnap, rob and murder a wealthy businessman yields decidedly mixed results: The left-for-dead victim recuperates in secret, and then hires a private detective to track down his kidnappers and exact revenge.

Harris is in talks for the detective role. This could very well turn into a situation in which Paramount gives Bay the funding for this passion project in return for the director helming another Transformers film afterwards. Bay has said before that the third film would be his last when it came to the robotic action flicks, but I’d imagine you can only say no for so long when they dump millions of dollars on your lawn as incentive. (Metaphorically, of course. Then again, we ARE talking about Michael Bay, so maybe he’d actually have them do that.)

Johnson is set as one of the bodybuilders. Mark Wahlberg was once in talks to play the other bodybuilder, but there’s no word yet on whether that part has been filled. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America: The First Avenger) wrote the script, and with a spring shoot date lined up, we’ll know more about casting soon.