Earth Trailer

If you happen to be interested in this planet that we live on and it’s inhabitants then you may be interested in this film being released on Earth Day in the US, entitled Earth. A few years ago the BBC gave a crew lots of money, and they spent 5 years flying all over the world getting amazing shots of animals. Then the BBC cropped all of the footage down into a TV series named Planet Earth, which was shown in over 120 countries around the world. It was the most watched TV show on The Discovery Channel in the US since 2005.

Now they have formed a movie version, which follows the migration paths of different animal families, a polar bear and her cubs, an elephant herd and a humpback whale and her calf.

The UK version was narrated by Patrick Stewart, however the US version will be voiced by James Earl Jones, which is just as good.

Earth will be released in the US on Earth Day, which is April 22nd.