Cowboys and Aliens battle Captain America at the box office

Cowboys Aliens Poster Image Cowboys & Aliens, The Smurfs and Crazy, Stupid, Love are the new movies in theaters this weekend. So we have everything covered, sci-fi and action, kiddie stuff, romance and comedy, but how will all of them play out at the box office over the weekend against Captain and Potter?

For a few years now we’ve been hearing about this Cowboys & Aliens and thanks to Universal (who else would go for such an outlandish idea), it’s finally here. Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, Cowboys & Aliens opens in 3750 theaters today. It seems reactions to the movie have been all over the place with some loving the concept (based on a comic book) and others not really digging it. I personally can’t wait to see Cowboys & Aliens since it is right exactly my cup of tea and while I know it won’t blown any minds (43% on Rotten Tomatoes can mean a lot of things) it should make for a fun time at the movies. Unfortunately I can’t really see it opening with more then $45 million. Still, it should be enough for 1st place over the weekend.

Captain America: The First Avenger will finish 2nd with $27.5 million, so that should be a decent drop for a summer blockbuster and with over $119 million in 10 days, it’s right in line with Thor ($119.5 million after 10 days). Considering Thor has made over $180 million so far, I’m expecting similar results from Captain America. Finishing above $200 million is not out of the question just yet.

3rd place should find Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 stabilizing after the big drop that came last week. With $24 million over the weekend, Potter will be at $320 million after 17 days. That number means Deathly Hallows Part 2 becomes the highest grossing film in the series in North America (not adjusted for inflation). This is now back on track to become the highest grossing movie of the year, beating Transformers: Dark of the Moon (that should be at $339 million after the weekend, in just 33 days) in the coming weeks.

The Smurfs, from Sony, opens in 3395 theaters and is, well, based on an animated series that I grew up with. So after seeing a few trailers and looking at the reception so far, you can kind of understand why trashing The Smurfs here, while easy, comes with a bit of pain. Why oh why did they have to Scooby Doo this series, wasn’t Yogi enough? What’s next, Tom & Jerry? Looney Toones… oh wait, they already screwed that one with Space Jam… must forget! Oh well, my giant crystal ball says The Smurfs will smurf their way to 4th place with a smurfing $20 million or so over the smurfing weekend (and yes, I just did that).

Finally in 5th place, the date movie I promised you and, surprisingly, the best reviewed wide opener of the week, Crazy, Stupid, Love. Opening in 3020 theaters with a big ensemble cast, this could upset the balance and take 4th place from The Smurfs (and few things would make me happier this week) with $19-20 million. Here, to conclude I’ll leave you with the trailer, maybe you can help with the smurfing of The Smurfs at the smurfing box office.

Next week Rise of the Planet of the Apes brings a new perspective on the Planet of the Apes saga while The Change-Up is another R-rated comedy with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds (switching bodies no less).

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