Cloud Atlas DVD and Blu-ray set for February

Update: Warner Home Video has told me that the DVD and Blu-ray release has been pushed back to sometime in Spring 2013. As Cloud Atlas doesn’t complete it’s international roll-out until March the studio will be hoping to avoid online leaks to ensure each territory performs as well as it can.

According to Amazon the Cloud Atlas DVD release date has been set for February 5th, 2013. The date is a smart one as it is in the midst of awards season, and with Cloud Atlas a potential nominee in a few technical categories it may spur interest from those who missed it on the big screen.

Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, and Jim Sturgess, has taken nearly $60 million at the global box office so far and will complete its international roll out in March. Hitting $100m (its reported budget) is a possibility, despite the poor $26 million it managed in the US.

One problem with the February DVD and Blu-ray US release for Cloud Atlas is that key territories such as Australia, China, Japan, France, and the UK won’t be able to see the film on the big screen until late-February/March. People could potentially buy the DVD/Blu-ray online or simply download it illegally, and that may impact Cloud Atlas‘ box office in those countries.

Cloud Atlas, directed by The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer, continues to keep people talking. Despite a ‘Fresh’ score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes it has just been named The Worst Movie of 2012 by Time magazine. Whether it’s the best or worst, Cloud Atlas is definitely the most divisive movie of the year.

  • Micah_6_8

    ‘Worst movie of the year’ .. LOL . Time mag probably just doesn’t like the underlying theme of the struggle for Liberty against authoritarianism. This film is a masterpiece.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Indeed it is.

  • Edd

    Agreed. Awesome film dealing with a topic that is extremely difficult to approach or talk about, yet it does approach it and talk about it in ways that only good art can.

  • Lorrborr

    It’s one of the best movies of the year. I laughed; I cried; I was inspired!

  • knighttemplar01

    Actually its one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, ambitious, flawed. metaphysical. But it was worth seeing and buying when its released. Hollywood has cgi and violence issues, this film had some of those elements but it also had a plot and extensive story lines, that were [for its complexity]resolved as it ended.

    • Meme Lansford

      get the CD if you are waiting for the DVD … for the music score is marvelouus and you can close your eyes and visualize the movie in the subconscious. I keep the CD playing while writing the visuals I am experiencing listening and remembering the events of my spiritual life. MARVELOUS MOVIE AND MUSIC SCORE. Loved it all and waiting for DVD to be released. THE TRUTHS in the message confirms the Spiritual Knowiing held within the HEART …. knowledge above understanding that requires no proof in the logical mind ….. think on it and you shall understand …..

  • Marcus

    I was so excited for Feb. 5, that I didn’t read the new articles about it being pushed back….this is one of my favorite new movies! I can’t wait for this DVD!

  • chicagodp

    i don’t know how I missed all the commercials for this movie in october. I can’t wait until the Blue Ray comes out. I want to see it!!

  • Djizzle Moon

    Umm a little too late Warner Bros. There’s no reason for a dvd release push back it’s already online idiots! Technology age get with it. Making the anxious wait isn’t going to help you.