Clash of the Titans 2 coming in 2012

sam worthington perceus ImageThe Clash of the Titans franchise has officially been born. According to Deadline Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are moving ahead with a sequel to Clash of the Titans, and we could be seeing it as early as spring 2012. Sam Worthington and all the main survivors from the last outing will be back, and they are aiming to begin shoot before Worthington has to start work on Avatar 2 (whenever that will be).

One man who won’t be returning, however, is director Louis Leterrier.

From Deadline:

But they will make the journey without Louis Leterrier, who will not return for an encore as director.

Greg Berlanti will write the story and the studio is already canvassing the agencies for a writer and director who can whip the movie into shape to shoot before Worthington makes Avatar 2. Leterrier will remain peripherally involved as executive producer. It isn’t unheard of for the original director of a big hit film to drop off the sequel–Doug Liman on The Bourne Identity comes to mind–and insiders swear that the Leterrier move was harmonious and are saying he wasn’t of a mind to rush into another installment of Greek mythological mayhem.

While the insiders say it was harmonious, I don’t think Warner Bros. wanted Leterrier to direct the sequel. When Leterrier pitched the idea of Clash of the Titans to them in 2008 he envisioned it as a new franchise, and during the promotional rounds he mentioned he already had ideas for the second film. His effort may have earned $388 million worldwide, but the reviews have been less than spectacular (30% on Rotten Tomatoes), and it may have been the negative response to the film which caused Warner Bros. to seek another director.

What did you think of Clash of the Titans? Do you want to see a sequel?

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  • Meri Peltola

    Not really interested in a sequel, since the first one was such rubbish. I think very few viewers over the age of 13 got anything out of Clash of the Titans… the jokes were too easy and the plot was explained in words of one syllable. Then again, sometimes sequels beat the originals hands down, as proven by Terminator 2 and Spider-Man 2.

  • Michael

    Big parts of the movie Leterrier had envisionned have been cut by the studio. So this may be the reason Leterrier doesn't want to go back…

  • pyrenta

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can say to the headline, or maybe also, WHY?

  • Keenan Bryson

    The movie wasn't awful. To me I saw a lot of problems that looked more like mistakes in the editing room than with the story. Little details were forgotten…for example: the bond between Worthington and the Pegasus should have been sealed with some sort of a necklace around the Pegasus neck or something so the dang thing had an excuse to show up at the end. Medusa was awesome until they showed her face and it was a nightmare. She looked awful, cheap, and fake. If Jar Jar can look real then so could Medusa; horrible area to cut corners! Zeus dismisses the other Gods and than just yell's to release the Kracken. WTF. There should have been some back and fourth between him and Hades before he gave the order. A few jokes could have been cut, the snakes on Medusa's head should have been dead when he showed the Kracken. More of the Gods should have been shown. Who ever cut the scorpion scene should be slapped. It was a great scene but it was all over the place. I liked the rest of the movie as a whole but had problems with these parts specifically. I liked the changed plot, I liked the end, I liked how it began. I liked Worthington and how he fit into the role, and of course Liam Neeson as Zeus was fantastic.

  • Tony

    I agree with you completely. You are thinking the exact thing as i'm thinking. The only thing i could've dealt without is the idea of a necklace around Pegasus. Yeah Medusa didn't look real enough because her face is that of a CGI person. N' humans are the hardest to make look real in CGI form. I like how you'd like it if Hades & Zeus talked a bit more and i also hate the entire scorpion scene. Come to think of it, I hated the scorpions in the first movie. I believe it's due to the simplicity of the creature – it's a scorpion, everything else is mythical… it's just a large scorpion. I also wanna add that i didn't like the Djinn, I thought they looked ridiculous. There's also a small cut of a scene in toward the end i didn't like – the one where the hunters come back riding atop a scorpion n' grabbed one of the harpes as it was lunging toward perseus. I thought Aya (however you spell her name Ey-yah) was a bit annoying sometimes. I really like everything else you liked plus i loved the scenes with Hades, all of them. Especially the one where he speaks to the King & Queen. Hades is an awesome villain. I love how they got both Liam Neeson & ralph Fiennes to play opposite ends of a spectrum. I used to think that they were both the same actor due to them looking so much alike. N' now they're brothers. Yay to Clash of the Titans & Yay for a sequel

  • Joshus_maximus

    All they had to do was copy/paste the original with new CG and they wouldve rocked the house. No ones knows why they made a garbage movie like the 2010 version and even less know why they would make a garbage sequel.

  • Oscarhellberg-7

    can’t think of any person in the world who wanna see this crap movie twice and now they making a second one? I wouldn’t even see it again if someone paid me to do it, but who knows, the second one may just be horrible instead of top 3 worst moives of all time. only seen one movie that was worse than this one and that was mega shark vs giant octepus

  • Ziggy_564

    it would be awesmome