Intriguing first trailer for Chronicle

20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Chronicle, which looks to be an interesting take on the superhero genre.

The movie, shot in a handheld, documentary style ala Cloverfield, “focuses on the lives of three Portland teenagers that become exposed to a mysterious substance in the woods, and, as a result, begin to develop incredible powers. They work together to hone their skills for fun, until personal and family problems begin to turn them against one another”.

The first half of the trailer shows the teens, played by Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan, goofing around with their new found powers (as you probably would), but then things start to become serious.

Watch below:

Max Landis, son of writer/director John Landis, wrote the script and Josh Trank (The Killing Point) is directing. 20th Century Fox will release Chronicle on February 3, 2012.

  • Hola

    it actually looks interesting….

  • Brittney Soliah

    Oh yea ! looks great!

  • Anonymous

    The idea is just crazy enough it might work.

  • Mqbrave

    this is crazy exciting!