Christoph Waltz will be in The Muppets sequel after all

the-muppets20 A while back there was word that Christoph Waltz was in line to star in the Muppets sequel, but he has since dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Luckily the role was filled by the equally talented and hilarious Ty Burrell, but now it looks like Waltz is back in the movie too, albeit in a smaller role.

While speaking with about Django Unchained Waltz implied that he would have a cameo in movie. The Muppets movies have always been famous for having celebrity cameos and it’s exciting to see Waltz back in that regard.

He is sure to be joined by a slew of other well known actors in cameos, if the 2011 Muppets film proved anything it’s that hilarious actors love to cameo in Muppets movies. Waltz seemed to hint that his scene in particular would involve dancing with Miss Piggy, which is safe to assume will be comedy gold.

Also starring in the movie is Ricky Gervais, best known for his role on the British Office as well as mocking celebrities at the Golden Globes.