Caesar to start filming in July

planet of the apes prequel Image Last month we heard that Rupert Wyatt (The Escapist) had been hired to direct 20th Century Fox’s new Planet of the Apes movie entitled Caesar, which follows a hyper-intelligent chimp raised by humans who incites a worldwide ape revolution and causes the downfall of humankind. Some people are already saying that it will be the feel-good movie of 2011, and I’ll have to agree with them.

Well now according to Production Weekly Fox has opened production offices for the film, with the aim of shooting in mid-July. MTV spoke with character designer and special effects wiz Aaron Sims earlier this week and he said that they were “just starting on that project”, however he also said that no director had been hired yet. He may have been trying to keep things to himself as 20th Century Fox haven’t officially announced that Rupert Wyatt will be directing, or it could be the case that Fox are still looking for a director. Whatever the case, we will know soon enough.

As well as the director we should also be hearing about casting. Mark Wahlberg won’t be in this one, and from the synopsis it seems the lead character will be Caesar the chimp so whoever lands the part will have to be a fan of prosthetics. If production goes ahead as planned it looks like the ape revolution will be occurring sometime in 2011 (i’m guess it’ll be 3D).

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