Box Office: 42 leads with $27 million while Scary Movie 5 bombs

42-movieBaseball drama 42 and the latest entry in the spoof series Scary Movie battled it out at the top over the weekend. The drama easily won, almost doubling Scary Movie 5, a new low for the franchise.

Sports are and always will be very popular just about everywhere in the world. If the same were true for sports movies, well then we’d have billion grossing ones every year. Rocky is about the most successful series based on a sport (boxing in this case) we got. For reference, the highest earner from that line was Rocky IV with $127.8 million in 1985 ($284.8 million adjusted for inflation today). Now the biggest sports box office grosser (unadjusted for inflation) is still 2009’s The Blind Side, a biopic drama about NFL player Michael Oher. But it wasn’t the sport selling the film, no, it was the incredible story of how Michael Oher became that famous NFL player.

42 is sort of like that but for a baseball player. This biographical sports drama tells the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB). Opening with an outstanding $27.4 million, the 2nd best ever for a sports film (behind only The Blind Side‘s $34.1 million), 42 is well positioned to become the 5th $100 million grosser of the year. Although I bet at least 2 more films will get to $100 million before (Iron Man 3 being one, you guess the other sure fire hit), making 42 maybe the 7th or 8th overall to hit the mark in 2013.

If not for its small budget, I’d call Scary Movie 5 a bomb at just $14.1 million over its first weekend. But the thing only cost $20 million so it’s not like anyone was expecting a lot more realistically. But here’s the worst part, Scary Movie 5 couldn’t even match those already low expectations. It is by far the worst opening this series has seen, I mean even the dreaded Scary Movie 2 got off to a $20.5 million first weekend (after opening on a Wednesday no less), in 2001. Scary Movie 4 comes after that with $40.2 million start. Scary Movie 5 is looking like it won’t even hit that number during its entire box office run.

The Croods kept turning in the green in 3rd, down 36.5% for $13.1 million. After 24 days in theaters, the animation has generated $142.4 million, still behind How to Train Your Dragon ($158.2 million) at the same point.

The Joes start trouble in 4th with $10.8 million. So far G.I. Joe: Retaliation made $102.5 million, a step down from the more expensive (and even dumber) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ($121.3 million). Worry not, all is good with the Joes thanks to a much more impressive international run (and a 3rd film is already on the way).

Rounding out the top 5 is former leader Evil Dead, dropping an expected 63.2% for a $9.4 million 2nd weekend. 10 days in and the horror remake has $41.5 million. Should easily finish above $50 million.

What’s your favorite sports related movie?

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