Box Office: The Dark Knight Rises has best 2D opening of all time

The final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy did not disappoint at the box office this past weekend. While it didn’t match the ridiculously high opening weekends of The Avengers or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Dark Knight Rises set a new benchmark for 2D films with its $160.8 million debut.

It’s true that many (including myself) expected a bit more from The Dark Knight Rises, but looking back, I think we were carried away by the success of The Avengers, thinking that this other, longer (21 minutes more, so fewer showings in a day), 3D-less superhero flick could match those numbers. We were obviously wrong but make no mistake; $160.8 million is an incredible opening for this very dark and serious take on the capped crusader. Among other things, The Dark Knight Rises scored the 3rd biggest opening day of all time ($75.7 million), behind only The Avengers ($80.8 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($91 million), both shown in 3D. It was also the 3rd film to have a weekend debut above $150 million in 2012, a new record.

Now whether or not The Dark Knight Rises can match the $533.3 million raised by The Dark Knight 4 years ago, we’ll have to wait at least a few more days to see how the new film performs in its 2nd weekend. At this point I’m gonna say not, but it should bring in a very sizable total all things considered, and will probably end up as the 3rd highest grossing superhero flick of all time.

In 2nd place Ice Age: Continental Drift took a bigger hit then I was anticipating, down 56.2% to $20.4 million and a 10-day total of $88.8 million. The box office prospects of this film in North America are getting grimmer by the day as it’s already way behind Ice Age 2 and 3 and about even with the original, but losing ground fast. At the rate Continental Drift is going right now, even $150 million at the end of its run sounds like a pipe-dream. For the fans out there, don’t worry, the film is making crazy amounts of money around the world so I doubt Fox will stop this franchise anytime soon.

The Amazing Spider-Man in 3rd was probably the film that suffered the most at the hand of The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, down a terrible 68.6% with a lousy $10.8 million. So far the reboot has made $228.6 million after 20 days, running $66.5 million behind Spider-Man, $76.7 million behind Spider-Man 2 and $59.3 million behind Spider-Man 3. But then again, none of those had to face-off against the juggernaut that is The Dark Knight Rises. The Amazing Spider-Man seems to be headed for $260-270 million now.

Ted was also hit pretty hard in 4th, down 55.3% with $10 million and a new total of $180.4 million. Knowing Universal and how much they need hits like this one, Ted 2 is certainly something that will happen in the not-so-distant future.

Brave rounds out the top 5 with $6 million for $208.7 million so far, making this the 10th Pixar animation to cross the $200 million milestone. As far as original films for the studio go, Brave is currently their 7th biggest one yet, unadjusted for inflation.

  • Ed

    This to me is the biggest opening of all time. If you take into consideration the extra charge for 3D of the other films, they are probably just below this one. With the horrible shooting tragedy I’m sure a lot of moms and dads stayed away from the theater this weekend. Most likely it will have a very strong 2nd weekend and only a 30-35% drop.

    • Alex

      Unfortunately no, adjusted or unadjusted for inflation, 3D or no 3D, The Avengers sold the most tickets opening weekend and would still be the biggest opener of all time.

      Back to The Dark Knight Rises, expecting a 30-35% drop will only set you up for disappointment. A 50-60% drop sounds a lot more realistic and still great nonetheless.

    • Ron

      No, it is lagging behind, even without Colorado shooting it would have topped out around 172-185 million, which on the low end has it below Avengers in tickets sold and on high side has it a hair ahead of Avengers in tickets sold. As it is it trailed by at least a few million tickets sold.

      Hate to break to Marvel fan boys, The Dark Knight is still king when adjusted for ticket price. Avengers is at 609 million adjusted (ticket prices have gone down since Colorado shooting) and TDK is at 596 million adjusted so when you factor in the more than $2 more per ticket average for 3D screenings The Dark Knight will finish with ten+ million more tickets sold once Avengers is pulled.

      TDKR lost about 12 to as high as 25 million on the fist weekend alone due to hysteria from Colorado shooting (Sunday really suffered after Friday and Saturday pre sales) and estimated to lose as much as 60 to 80+ million total due to shooting in it’s total run. Overall box office for every movie is down 20 to as high as 30% since shooting and this was the summer prime time for movie ticket sales.

      I haven’t seen but 4-5 ads on TV for TDKR since shooting, that’s total. That wouldn’t put it past The Dark Knight or The Avengers in tickets sold, but would have made it a pretty close 3rd.

  • hulahop

    the hunger games did 152 million, so no, it’s not the only movie that made over 150 million in 2012

  • hulahop

    Sorry, understand something wrong here :)