Box Office: Skyfall has Bond opening record

After 2 weeks of absolute domination around the world, Skyfall finally hit North American shores with the most successful debut of all time for the series. What’s more impressive, even when adjusting for inflation, Skyfall still comes out on top.

After a 4 year break, James Bond returns to the big screen in Skyfall just in time to celebrate his 50th anniversary. And what a return this was, the 23rd 007 flick opened with $88.3 million, way ahead of the previous record held by Quantum of Solace since 2008 with $67.5 million. Including Thursday IMAX previews and Monday grosses, Skyfall is now at $101.8 million in North America and by the end of the week it should become the highest grossing Bond film, a title again held by Quantum of Solace with $168.3 million. Not just that but Skyfall is on track to be the first flick in the series to break the $200 million mark and I don’t think $250 million might be safe either. Bottom line, Skyfall is one of the biggest hits of the year and the next film can’t come soon enough (for me at least).

Wreck-it Ralph held its ground in 2nd place, down just 32.7% with $33 million for a 10-day total of $93.6 million. Compared to Tangled, the previous animation from Disney sans Pixar, Wreck-it Ralph is a good 13.5 million ahead which bodes well for its final gross since that other film finished with $200.8 million. For Ralph my educated guess will put the film somewhere between $210 and 230 million. It will be by far the biggest video game inspired film ever made and I’m pretty sure Disney will announce a sequel soon.

Robert Zemeckis directed drama Flight came in 3rd with $14.7 million for a total of 47.4 million so far. It’s not exactly up there with the most successful films of the director but it is fine nonetheless for a $31 million budget. For Denzel Washington Flight is actually already very close to his $49.1 million career average.

Argo had another great weekend in 4th place with $6.6 million. After a month in theaters, Argo has made $86.4 million, just $5.7 million shy of The Town ($92.1 million). By next week we’ll have a new best for director Ben Affleck.

Finally rounding out the top 5 we got Taken 2 with $4 million. With $131.3 million in the bank, this is the 5th biggest film ever for Liam Neeson.

  • Daniel Craig for Bond

    That great.

  • Scotsman

    ” for a $10-day total of $93.6 million” Ten Dollars a day? ^_^

    • Alex

      In some countries that’s actually a lot of money, just so you know.