Box Office: Iron Man 3 scores second best debut of all time

Iron Man 3 FilmonicThe iron of Tony Stark bested the wand of Harry Potter to claim the number 2 spot (just behind The Avengers) among the highest openings ever in North America. Unsurprisingly enough, there was no other wide release this past weekend, cause come on, what studio in its right mind would send a movie against this Marvel/Disney juggernaut?

Iron Man, Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr., only two of those names used to be linked, now we wouldn’t have it without the 3rd. So Disney better pony-up the dough and get Mr Downey Jr. some more iron love, cause after what Iron Man 3 just pulled off, they need him. $174.1 million in 3 days, that’s a lot of money, actually more than any other film (except, well, The Avengers, obviously) has ever made in a single weekend. Now I know something happens about halfway into this film, and that something has a lot of people split (I’m on the “roll with it” bandwagon). That might cost the film a few percentages next weekend, so don’t expect Avengers style drops, but at this point $400 million should be a done deal, unless it really drops like a rock (which I doubt will happen). So, couple that $400 million with what looks like at least $800 million internationally (yes, I was wrong, I admit), and we will be in for at least the 4th highest grossing film of all time worldwide.

Pain and Gain FilmonicPain and Gain was a very very distant 2nd with $7.5 million and a total of $33.8 million after 10 days. This action-comedy is shaping up to become the 2nd lowest grossing project of Michael Bay’s directorial career (The Island is still safe at the bottom, although I must say it was one of his best).

42 was 3rd in its 4th weekend, down to $6 million, bringing the sports drama to a new cume of $78.1 million (numbers galore). Very good total for just 24 days in theaters, even more so considering the subject matter. Will probably not make it to $100 million after all, but that should not undermine this film’s success in any way.

Oblivion comes in 4th at $5.6 million, falling rather fast, this being only its 3rd weekend and all. The Tom Cruise sci-fi has $75.8 million to its name thus far, a below average result saved by the movie’s great international run so far.

Rounding out the top 5 again was The Croods, $4.2 million for a glorious (at DreamWorks Animation at least) $168.7 million. Getting near the end of the line, The Croods is looking to top at $180 million max.