Box Office: Frozen trumps The Hunger Games’ fire

frozen-2013-movieWhen you’ve got ice versus fire, more often than not the later wins. While that certainly was the case on thanksgiving (or Game of Thrones), this past weekend Frozen turned it upside down, winning against box office juggernaut The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Disney’s Frozen rose to the top with $31.6 million, the biggest post-thanksgiving weekend of all time. That lands the toon at $134.2 million after 12 days in wide release (17 in total). Frozen is running ahead of Toy Story 2, which opened on a similar day, with a similar limited then wide release window. Toy Story 2 had $116.7 million after the same amount of time and since it ended up with $245.8 million, I believe I can safely assume Frozen should at least bring in $240 million by the time all is said and done. That would be a major hit for the still rather new Walt Disney Animation Studio. Since 2007 they’ve released seven animated movies (including Frozen) with Tangled being their most successful yet ($200.8 million).


After two incredible weekends The Hunger Games: Catching Fire took a bigger then expected fall, down 64.7% to $26.1 million. Post-thanksgiving that’s actually a steeper drop the either of the Twilight movies have had. But worry not, numbers are still much higher and this drop should be attributed to an absolutely normal drop in attendance after demand was saturated in those first two record breaking weeks. 17 days in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has amassed $335.8 million and with the holiday season just starting, this one will burn strong for a few more weeks. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, opening this weekend, will cut into Catching Fire but next week the movie should rebound on its way to over $400 million.

R-rated thriller Out of the Furnace pretty much bombed in 3rd on its opening weekend with just $5.2 million. That’s one of the worst debuts of Christian Bale’s career.

Thor: The Dark World comes in 4th with $4.8 million for a total of 193.7 million while Delivery Man rounds out the top 5 thanks to 3.7 million and 24.7 million overall.