Box Office: Breaking Dawn Part 2 takes strong Thanksgiving weekend

Despite having 3 new films opening wide, the last Twilight flick took the #1 spot again, followed closely by Skyfall. Lincoln came in 3rd, actually gaining from a week ago.

$43.6 million was enough for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 to repeat on top of the box office. That was also the biggest 2nd weekend ever for the series, besting New Moon‘s previous $42.8 million record. So far after 11 days Bella and Edward’s last outing stands at $229.9 million, or about $3.4 million behind New Moon at the same point in its run. In daily numbers the two films are running neck-a-neck but I expect Breaking Dawn Part 2 will break away soon. In the end it should end up somewhere around $300 million, give or take a few.

Skyfall continues to break new ground for Bond films, this time in 2nd with $35.5 million for a total of $223 million after 18 days. Now don’t get me wrong, adjusted for inflation Skyfall will never reach the heights of some very old Sean Connery Bond flicks which would have upwards of $500 million today (something we will explore soon, I promise). But in an age where secret agents are a dime a dozen in movies, it’s really amazing to see James Bond standout once again. With its current total Skyfall sits at the top of the Bond franchise if we don’t adjust for inflation (and in 4th if we do, quite impressive). Worldwide the film fares even better with almost $800 million, the kind of numbers we’d expect from a Harry Potter flick, certainly not coming from a 59 year old British spy. Now we wait for Bond 24, a film which could break the $1 billion mark if Sony and MGM play their cards right.

In 3rd place Lincoln went up 22% to $25.6 million. It seems releasing this film just a week before Thanksgiving was a great idea, and so the film has $64.6 million so far. With the holiday season right around the corner, expect over $100 million for this historical drama.

Rise of the Guardians, the final DreamWorks Animation project Paramount distributes in North America, opened in 4th with a disappointing $23.7 million weekend. In 6 days the animation has grossed $33.1 million, a far cry from its $145 million budget. This one will have to rely on international numbers to break even.

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi rounds out the top 5 with a $22.4 million opening. The 3d adventure from Fox cost $120 million so having made just $31.9 million so far in North America is not ideal. While this is definitely the kind of film that could have strong legs over the holiday, like Rise of the Guardians, it will need strong international numbers to turn a profit.

Wreck-it Ralph was 6th with $16.5 million for a total of $149.2 million while Red Dawn took $14.2 million, opening in 7th. It’s less than expected from this long shelved remake. Back in 1984 the original Red Dawn made $38.3 million (about $90.6 million today). This new one has $22.5 million after 6 days and it will have a hard time even reaching the unadjusted total of its predecessor, let alone the adjusted for inflation number.