Box Office: Breaking Dawn Part 2 leads for a third weekend

This marks the 3rd consecutive weekend to have Twilight 5 and Skyfall in 1st and 2nd respectively. Now it’s one thing to have the same movie lead for so long but another completely to see two films do the same, dominating the charts the way this have.

The last time a Bond film took on Twilight was back in 2008 when the sparkly vampire saga started, and Quantum of Solace disappointed. Little (then) Twilight beat Bond 22 in 2008, but today we might have a different story. For now Breaking Dawn Part 2 is again on top with $17.4 million for a total of $255.8 million after 18 days. Currently that places the latest (and last) Twilight Saga film behind Eclipse ($260.9 million) and New Moon ($256.3 million) at the same point in their runs. It looks like Breaking Dawn Part 2 might be headed for about $300m if it can keep up this pace.

Skyfall was a close 2nd with $16.5 million which brings the flick to $246.7 million. Now it’s no secret that this is by far the highest grossing Bond of all time (unadjusted for inflation) but sometime last week it also beat The Bourne Ultimatum ($227.4 million) to become the most successful spy movie ever at the box office (again, unadjusted for inflation). Now if we put Skyfall and Breaking Dawn Part 2 head to head, the latter obviously has an edge (courtesy of a much bigger opening weekend) but Bond is showing the better legs. With that in mind Bond 23 could very well hit the $300 million mark in North America, something no one was expecting from the 59 year old spy, even more so considering no other movie even came close to $200 million before this one.

Rise of the Guardians beat Lincoln to 3rd place with $13.3 million. The Dreamworks animation has made $49.4 million after 13 days, shaping up to become one of the studio’s least impressive grossers ever. Lincoln on the other hand continues to impress with $13.3 million in 4th. So far the historical drama has $84.6 million and it should blow past the $100 million mark sometime next week. With awards season right around the corner, Lincoln could finish a lot higher.

Life of Pi rounds out the top 5, coming in at $12.1 million. Ang Lee’s adventure is just $301 (that’s dollars, not millions) below Rise of the Guardians with $49.4 million. This being a family film and all, Christmas could help this hit 100 million (or come really close) before it leaves theaters.

The newcomers of the week were disappointing to say the least. Brad Pitt’s R-rated thriller Killing Them Softly opened with $6.8 million in 7th place while horror The Collection debuted with just $3.1 million in 10th. Now regarding Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly marks the softest live-action wide opening in the last 18 years of his career (The Favor had $1.4 million in 1994).