Box Office: Breaking Dawn Part 2 almost breaks the series record

The final chapter of the Twilight Saga ended on a strong note at the box office, just $1.8 million shy of series opening record. It might not have achieved the same heights as other book adaptations (read Harry Potter) but nonetheless, Twilight ranks as one of the most popular franchises of all time, a status solidified once more by Breaking Dawn Part 2.

A $141 million opening weekend might not be what fans of the series expected from the final Twilight Saga outing, even more so considering just a few months ago freshman The Hunger Games got off to a 152.5 million start. Expectations were at an all-time high. Alas Twilight fans, worry not, Breaking Dawn Part 2 still achieved quite a few almost records. It had the 6th biggest opening day gross (with $71.1 million) and the 8th weekend of all time. But how does it stack against the past Twilight films you ask? Well New Moon did have a slightly bigger opening in 2009 with $142.8 million ($72.7 million opening day) but it beat Breaking Dawn Part 1 which had $138.1 million ($71.6 million opening day).

Something almost all Twilight films have had in common is the way each start with a tremendous opening day which ends up accounting for about half the film’s first weekend. If we divide the debuts of Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Eclipse did not open on a Friday, so no proper weekend there) we get numbers ranging from 1.92 all the way to 1.96. Not a lot of room for variations there, clearly. But doing the same math gets Breaking Dawn Part 2 a 1.98 which could mean the final part in the series might have better legs at the box office in the long run, a tiny bit better obviously. With the best overall gross being $301.5 million for Eclipse (released in the middle of the summer), Breaking Dawn Part 2 should aim for $305m in order to end the saga on a strong note.

Skyfall was down 53.5% to 2nd place with $41.1 million bringing the film’s total to $160.9 million. By the time I write this Bond 23 should be ahead of the $168.3 million of Quantum of Solace for a new series record (unadjusted for inflation).

Lincoln opened wide in 3rd place with $21 million after taking in $0.9 million a week ago from just 11 theaters. As far as historical US president films go, Lincoln is up there with the best and so far and I can see this finishing as high as $100 million when all is said and done.

Wreck-it Ralph came in 4th with $18.5 million for $121.7 million after 17 days. It continues to compare very well to past Walt Disney Animation Studios films, particularly against Tangled which was at $104.4 million at the same point in its run, finishing with $200.8 million. Wreck-it Ralph could definitely end up higher than that.

Rounding out the top 5 was Flight, down to $8.8 million and a total of $61.5 million. Made for a reported $31 million, Flight is now in the green as far as North American box office goes.