International Box Office: After Earth keeps Fast and Furious 6 in 2nd

after-earth-jaden-smith-volcanoAfter Earth and the extremely popular Fast and Furious 6 were neck-a-neck this past weekend. Just $2.6 million separated the two in Shyamalan’s favor. That being said, one of them is in its 3rd week (still going fast) while the other barely launched (looking at you Will Smith).

Technically After Earth opened in South Korea a week before, so I can’t really call this past weekend’s $45.8 million its debut. What I can do is look at After Earth‘s $48.6 million international total and express disappointment. For M. Night Shyamalan After Earth will probably best The Happening ($98.9 million internationally) but won’t come anywhere near his top 5 since I can’t see it grossing $142.5 million (The Village). Now for Will Smith it’s a “oh hell no”, or in other words “kind of bad”. After Earth is more likely on its way to a Wild Wild West ($108.3 million) finish, then pretty much anything else in recent memory (except Seven Pounds) starring Will Smith. Considering this cost $130 million to make and it made just $97.1 million worldwide so far, I’m having a hard time believing After Earth will turn a profit during its box office run. But I’ve been wrong before, many times actually.

fast-furious-7-movieOn the opposite end regarding profitability we have Fast and Furious 6, now at $588.7 million worldwide after grabbing $43.2 million last weekend. What this means is Fast Five only has $37.4 million over, so in a matter of days Fast and Furious 6 will become the new benchmark for the franchise. How high can it go you ask? Two weeks ago I would have said up to $900 million, now I’m going with a lower (but still impressive) $700 million worldwide.

Not so furious and dropping rather fast was The Hangover Part 3 with $34.2 million. About 3 weeks in and the R-rated comedy generated $274.6 million worldwide. For better or worse (mostly worse) that’s nowhere near its predecessors yet still good enough to cover its budget.

The same could not be said for Star Trek Into Darkness. After bringing in another $17.6 million, the sci-fi epic has $379 million worldwide with $6.7 million to go until Star Trek (2009) can finally move behind and make way for the new series best.

The Great Gatsby rounds out at top 5 with $13.8 million for an international total of $142.6 million and $279.9 million worldwide.

In other related news Iron Man 3 just passed the $800 million mark internationally, becoming only the 7th film to ever do so. Worldwide the Marvel superhero is just $2.1 million away from reaching $1.2 billion. Not quite as impressive as $1.51 billion (The Avengers) but still good enough for #5 on the all-time worldwide chart.

  • Carl

    A question to Alex and other die-hard critics of ‘After Earth’: Don’t you have anything better to do than slam Will’s movie? This has been going on for ages. Move on. Just report the numbers and sit back.

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    • Alex

      Where did I slam the movie After Earth? I actually avoided any talk about the film’s quality simply because I haven’t seen After Earth yet. I am only slamming its box office numbers, and for good reasons.

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  • Donella

    I find it strange that After Earth and Will Smith receive more accusations of Scientology themes than Oblivion, starring admitted out and proud and LOUD Scientologist Tom Cruise. Box numbers are shaping up similarly for After Earth and Oblivion (though Oblivion has been in the marketplace for a month longer) with overseas box office dwarfing domestic ticket sales, though After Earth is loudly proclaimed a flop and failure on opening weekend. Journey 2 the Mysterious Island with Dwayne Johnson opened to 27.5 million, just like After Earth, but there wasn’t this much negative pressure placed on that film. It’s pretty weird and makes me wonder whether Smith has had a target on his back ever since he turned down Tarantino’s Django Unchained. That seems to be the only kerfluffle he’s had with anyone lately.

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  • Donella

    After Earth is up to $145 million worldwide in its second week, although it has yet to enter the Japanese or Chinese marketplace. I predict the movie will do well in both markets, as it did in Korea and the Philippines, since both of the Smiths are popular in Asia. The film has also performed well in France, Russia, the UK, Mexico, and Brazil.

    • Alex

      Yeah, holding much better then I anticipated. Still, it has a long way to go until $260 million worldwide, not saying it won’t make it, just that it won’t be easy. More on that in a few hours.

      • Donella

        Well, I tried to use other movies to judge After Earth’s future performance in Japan and China to see whether the difference would be made up there, and found the box office take for other movies varied too much:

        Oblivion (similar premise 1 month prior)
        $10 million Japan
        $23.8 million China

        The Last Airbender (most recent Shyalaman movie)
        $6 million Japan
        $4 million China

        Journey 2 The Mysterious Island (similar premise with popular Black male supporting actor)
        $2 million Japan
        $48 million China

        Independence Day (most iconic Will Smith film role)
        $92.6 million Japan
        $0 million China (no release)

        MIB3 (most recent Will Smith film role)
        $38.9 million Japan
        $77.2 million China

        The Karate Kid (most recent Jaden Smith role)
        $17 million Japan
        $0 China (no release)

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        • Donella

          From what I can see on boxofficemojo, After Earth’s closest box office match in Asia will be Oblivion. Jaden Smith’s sophomore effort as leading actor is up to $235 million worldwide and counting. Well done!

          • Donella

            $244,490,716 as of 08/08. I think After Earth will top out at about $245,000,000 and earn the rest from secondary viewing ($35,000,000) and merchandising.