Benedict Cumberbatch joins The Hobbit

At the 2011 BAFTA Awards which took place today in the UK Martin Freeman, who is currently on a break from filming The Hobbit as Bilbo Baggins, let slip that his Sherlock Holmes co-star Benedict Cumberbatch would be working with him again soon as he has also been cast in The Hobbit. The actor accidentally revealed the news in the winners press room after the pair picked up the ‘Best Drama’ award for the BBC series.

According to Digital Spy:

Cumberbatch added afterwards that his casting was supposed to have been kept secret and refused to disclose details about his character.

Freeman later went on to comment: “I knew I was a big mouth, I didn’t know how much of a big mouth, and I’ve ruined everything. And now I might not have a job to go back to!”

Peter Jackson has been updating his Facebook page with the latest casting news, as he did earlier this week when he announced Stephen Fry would be apart of the film. Jackson was no doubt waiting for the right time to reveal the news, but it’s out there now so he may update his Facebook page in the near future with details on who Cumberbatch is playing (Elf maybe?).

Freeman and Cumberbatch are currently shooting the second series of Sherlock Holmes, and Cumberbatch will be seen later this year in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy alongside Tom Hardy, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman, and plays Major Stewart in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse.