Banshee won’t return for X-Men: Days of Future Past

banshee-xmen So far James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult are the only actors from X-Men: First Class set for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and as we get closer to shooting next month it looks like they’ll be the only ones. recently caught up with Caleb Landry Jones, who played Banshee in First Class, and the actor confirmed he won’t be back.

Caleb Landry Jones will NOT be back as Banshee in the next X-Men movie. Just spoke with the man and he confirmed for me.

If Matthew Vaughn had stuck it out as director things may have been different, but since Bryan Singer took over it appears his main focus has been to reunite the old X-Men gang (at least, those who weren’t killed off in X3). Banshee was a cool character and his sonic screams helped locate Kevin Bacon in his submarine, but I can see why he wouldn’t be included. Days of Future Past will partly take place in the 70s, 10 years after First Class, so some of Xavier’s X-Men could have departed and new ones could have joined (young Storm, Jean and Cyclops maybe?).

Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Omar Sy, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Daniel Cudmore, Fan Bingbing, and Boo Boo Stewart are all confirmed to star, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be released July 2014.

  • Romafans

    What about Famke Janssen as White Phoenix of the Crown ?? Rebecca Romijn as Mystique ?? Tyler Mane as Sabretooth ?? Ryan Reynolds as Deadpoll ?? Charlize Theron as Emma Frost ?? and James Marsden as Cyclops ?? Fans have been waiting very very long time for them in X-men Days of Future Past

    • Liam

      Famke will be in The Wolverine but Jean is dead. Cyclops is dead. Tyler’s Sabretooth hasn’t been around since X1, Deadpool isn’t needed in Days of Future Past and Charlize Theron won’t be Emma Frost (It’ll January Jones if anybody).

      • Kristoffer Orine

        Xavier is Dead and we saw how he died, Cyclops in not confirmed dead yet, we just saw his visor floating. Then why is Sir Patrick Stewart still on the film?

        • Liam

          The end credit scene of X3 suggested Xavier was still alive (or at least his mind was). I’m sure it will get an explanation in the film.

          • Steve Croft

            Given they’re doing an ‘alternate future’ deal, ala Star Trek but in reverse, that’ll bring him back.

        • VaselineAvenger

          This is Marvel we’re talking about here. They are only dead until they are brought back somehow. How many time’s have we seen a mutant die and come back. I think Xavier died like 3 times in the comics, Right? Maybe more, and then he was brought back.

          • Nick Turtle Perry

            This is not Marvel. Marvel does not have the rights to the Xmen movies.

        • Eric

          Xavier is NOT dead, if you saw the after-the-credits scene in The Wolverine

  • John J Erby

    This is a bit of a drag since I rather liked Banshee. But also, since Cyclops is going to be present in the film, shouldn’t Havoc return as well? It would feel odd to have the brothers in separate X-men films without appearing together.

    • Liam

      Cyclops hasn’t been confirmed.

  • Jason Hetrick

    It seems like if it’s an alternate timeline involving Senator Kelley, then Cyclops wouldn’t have been killed off….yet. He theoretically could still be added in the film, same with Jean. The Senator Kelley stuff was all in X1, before any of the big ones died off. Unless I’m mistaken Liam?

    • Liam

      As far as we know the film will take place in the 70s and in the future. A young version of Cyclops could show up in the 70s, but I doubt James Marsden’s Cyclops will appear unless alternate timelines are involved.

      • Kristoffer Orine

        Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is dead too. then why is he on the film?

        • Steve Croft

          Different future where part 3 didn’t happen I imagine.

        • Pat

          There’s a post-credits scene in X3 that suggests he’s alive and took the body of his twin brother.

          • Criss Denley

            sister, actually

        • Mannie Grant

          bishop time slides and prevents the HORRIBLE!!!! x3

  • GiGi

    I REALLY liked Banshee. Sucks that he won’t be back. Also sucks that Kelsey Grammer won’t be back. And Nightcrawler. He was my favorite from all the movies. But Halle will be there. Go figure!

    • El Flaminco

      Night crawler has been confirmed by Singer himself.

      • Micah ? ? Jung

        so who is playing him? I hope not Boo Boo

    • Cameron Demmings

      I know how you feel. I really liked the Banshee too. Sucks that he won’t be in Days of Future Past.

    • Micah ? ? Jung

      well nicholas will and his the beast

  • Keltari

    Not surprised hes not in the film… Most of his screentime was in the training montage and he barely had any lines.

  • DrNope

    There will be plenty of time to bring him back in later movies. It would be a mistake to try and include everyone. They should be choosing their cast based on what will aid the story. Still, lets hope we get to see that team again someday.

  • Jimmy

    Happy they are making another X-Men, but why would they ever even consider bringing back Halle Berry? She can’t act and was the huge week link in the other movies. She is horrible. Please Bryan consider hiring a no name like you did for Hugh Jackman. Why would they even think of bringing back Bryan when the last one was great. The last X-Men movie (First Class was better than all of the other ones put together and the best part about it, was there was no Halle Berry. Please consider getting rid of her. It would make everyone happier and the movie a lot better. Why would you even change the dynamics of the last X-Men movie. It was the only one in my opinion that was any good. The young cast of partial unknown was great, the story line was great as well as the characters. The old cast (minus Hugh Jackman) was not a good fit at all and pretty much every character was miscast. Halle Berry was the worst of the lot. It sounds like another crappy commercial movie with no real substance. You see it once and it is good enough, but would never consider watching it again. X-Men First Class on the other hand was very well done (well acted, well cast, well written and well directed). The other ones are like watching the new Star Wars movies. You watch it once and never want to see it again and come out of it very disappointed. Halle Berry is the Jar Jar Binx of the X-Men, she just does not belong. Make a good X-Men movie this time around Bryan, the last 3 (you only did 2 X-Men and the worst one of the lot was the 3rd one, but you did Superman instead, but it too was just terrible.

  • G671

    Good!! Who cares? Useless character. And, he’s a F#$&ING GINGER. What possible purpose could that useless character serve, other than to take away from screen time and storyline for major characters.

    • SimpsonsGoldenAge

      Wow, racist.

  • Joshua

    I hate Singer with a passion. Hate.

  • Campagna

    So the idea is to take First Class (a great movie) and Future Past (great storyline) and dilute it down with the hacks that almost ruined the franchise (X2, Last Stand)? Let the Last Stand cast remain in the past. Especially the terrible versions of Rogue and Storm!!!

    • SimpsonsGoldenAge

      Are YOU from an alternate universe? X2 was fantastic, First Class was rushed and lame.

      • Peter

        Both X2 and First Class were excellent (agree that the latter was a bit rushed, but I liked many of the actors and the whole feel of it and its time period). It was The Last Stand that was awful. But yes, I’m disappointed that we won’t see a straight up sequel to First Class.

  • Tinkles

    Good thing they won’t have Banshee in there. Man that is one ugly, strange-looking dude.

  • Wes Woodfin

    Sorry but what is the X-Men with out Cyclops. I’ve been a fan since reading Chris Clermont and Cyclops is what keeps the X glue stuck together and to see how awful X-3 was, I can only hope Bryan Singer cleans up the mess that has been made by the other films with how inconsistent they have been. Personally, maybe they should do a revamp, but if not, all I can say is please be true to the original stories.

  • Zach Mellen

    I have a feeling this movie is going to suck…. Why would you give it back to Singer after they finally made an X-men movie that wasn’t crap?

  • Kirk Mailloux

    That is fine. Get someone that can do a Irish accent next time for Banshee

  • LeventTaskan

    I’m liking this less and less every time I read something new about it. Bryan Singer killed X3 by leaving it and he killed Superman Returns by making it. Now he’s trying to make the film X3 should have been. Unfortunately I don’t think even that is good enough in today’s cutthroat superhero genre. If X-Men: First Class proved anything it was that the franchise can survive and even flourish without Singer’s mancrush on Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.

    • Tim West

      Why don’t you just wait until the movie comes out, watch it with an objectionable eye, and then come back and see if you’re going to hate it still. I don’t understand the whining and crying over a movie that hasn’t even come out yet for another year…

  • Levent Taskan

    I’m liking this less and less every time I read something new about it. Bryan Singer killed X3 by leaving it and he killed Superman Returns by making it. Now he’s trying to make the film X3 should have been. Unfortunately I don’t think even that is good enough in today’s cutthroat superhero genre. If X-Men: First Class proved anything it was that the franchise can survive and even flourish without Singer’s mancrush on Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. Now all we’ll get is another Wolverinecentric film with another terrible performance from Halle Berry and the stars of the previous films reduced to either extras or not being in it at all.

  • avgnoix

    Brian Singer suck as X-men director he ruin cyclops character and his movie are just average. I’ve yet to see an accurate portrayal of scott summers.

  • Orestes

    Whyyyyy banshee he’s my favorite