The Little Prince gets all-star voice cast


The folks behind an upcoming animated feature version of the Antoine de Saint-Exupery's classic children’s novel The Little Prince have lined up an impressive list of stars, including three recent … [Read more...]

The To Do List new red-band trailer


CBS Films has debuted a new red-band trailer for the raunchy sex comedy The To Do List, previously going under the title The Hand Job starring Aubrey Plaza, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Donald Glover and … [Read more...]

The Wizard of Oz set for IMAX 3D release


Ahead of today’s official announcement, USA Today broke the news of the limited one-week IMAX 3D theatrical release of the 1939 Technicolor musical classic The Wizard of Oz. Based on the fantasy … [Read more...]

Review: The Great Gatsby


Adapting The Great Gatsby, one of the greatest American novels ever written, and my personal favorite book, is no easy task. There have been multiple adaptations of the book in the past and they all … [Read more...]

Disney hints at Star Wars Land


At this point everyone knows that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars and are developing a new trilogy of films. Of course Disney is just as famous for their theme parks as their films so it may not … [Read more...]

First trailer for The World’s End


We've finally gotten our first look at the long awaited conclusion to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy. While Shaun of the Dead parodied zombie films and Hot Fuzz poked fun … [Read more...]