Albert Brooks signs on for Finding Nemo 2

Finding_Nemo_Marlin_DoryEver since it became obvious that Andrew Stanton would not get a chance to make a follow up to John Carter a sequel to his animated hit, Finding Nemo, has been in the works. Stanton and one of the film’s stars, Ellen DeGeneres who plays Dory, signed on months ago, however Albert Brooks who played the other lead Marlin, has been absent. Until now that is. Deadline has reported that Brooks has signed on to voice everyone’s favorite unfunny clownfish once again.

While I love Finding Nemo as much as the next guy, a sequel seems a bit redundant. While John Carter was obviously built to be the first film in a franchise, (which will sadly never come to fruition) Nemo is quite clearly a standalone story. It’s difficult to think that the film will be anything other than a Hangover Part II style rehash of the original.

More troubling is the fact that Pixar has been developing more sequels than original films, the exact opposite of what they did until 2010. Since Toy Story 3’s release in that year only one original film has been released, Brave, which was not bad but not quite up to Pixar’s standards. Their next film, Monsters University will be Pixar’s first prequel.

I really do hope I’m wrong and Stanton, DeGeneres and Brooks can prove me wrong, and make another great film about the lost fish.