5 Hollywood Blockbusters That Should’ve Been Bollywood Movies

Bollywood dancers

If you’ve never seen a Bollywood movie, you’re missing out. A cornucopia of bright colours, up-beat music, schmaltzy expressions, and amplified emotions, Bollywood is a fun film industry unlike any other. We need to be clear that not all movies made in India are Bollywood movies (for instance, Terminator has an Indian alter ego called Endhiran, which is certainly not Bollywood – it is, however, extremely entertaining as you can see from this clip).

Bollywood is a genre that doesn’t have one specific definition, but generally speaking, Bollywood refers to movies made in Mumbai, the Hindi language is usually spoken, and song and dance feature prominently in the plot. Bollywood is also famous for often recycling stories, just like modern Hollywood loves to do. I’ve made a list of five big Hollywood blockbusters that would make excellent Bollywood features.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bollywood, I’ve included videos of various Bollywood songs to give you a brief taste of some Bollywood conventions that would fit in with each choice, and I’ve included a brief commentary on why each was chosen as a representative.

5. She’s the Man

(See, Bollywood can be really funny. I could easily imagine the slapstick comedy of this movie translating into Bollywood form.)

This movie is, of course, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s also important to note that this movie starred a peppy and funny Amanda Bynes before she went totally nutso. It would be excellent to see a Bollywood take on this hilarious tale of gender-bending and mistaken identities. The big soccer game would be complemented with the Bollywood trope of large musical numbers.

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