10 Strange Plot Twists You Probably Didn’t See Coming

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When executed perfectly, a twist ending can shock the audience and turn the whole story on its ear. Sure, M. Night Shamalyn has basically ruined the twist ending, but there are movies that manage to masterfully use the twist ending. However, some twist endings don’t improve the movie. In fact, they simply make them worse. Join us as we look back at the 10 strangest plot twists in movies.


10. Hancock

Will Smith as an alcoholic, washed-up loser with super powers sounds like a fun way to kill two hours. Turn off your brain and watch the titular Hancock fight evildoers and get into wacky situations. At least, that’s what people expected heading into Hancock. While the film delivered in the beginning, the crazy train quickly went off the rails when the movie revealed that Charlize Theron’s character, Mary, also has super powers, that Mary and Hancock are 3000 years old, and they might be gods. Wait, huh? Hancock had potential, but the story took a serious left turn.

  • Manuel Granados

    I disagree with the Life of David Gale, but most of the other ones are spot on. Especially Hancock, the movie just baffles with how serious it tries to be with such an idiotic plot.