10 games that should be films

In its desperate attempts to avoid original creations and find something else to adapt, Hollywood has occasionally looked to the games industry. Generally though, the wrong games have been picked, or the right games have been adapted in the wrong way. Alone in the Dark, Mortal Kombat, Doom… Currently films based on Space Invaders and Asteroids are being planned. Inspired. But there are some huge properties on consoles that would make huge properties on screen. Good ones, too.

David Jaffe, creator of the famously cinematic game series God of War, has stated that the process of adapting games into films isn’t easy – games are highly inspired by films, so adapting a game essentially creates a non-progressive process of film -> game -> film. It’s true, but I still think that if films based on games manage to strike a balance between adaptation and original ideas, they could turn out well. There is room in these universes for new stories. And just to quickly disclaim, I am not saying that any of the games in my list need films. Obviously, the majority of the ones present here have self-sufficient stories that work well in the gaming medium. I just think it would be great to see adaptations of some of these, especially compared to the ones we’re being given by the film industry at the moment.

So…movie studios, producers, everyone…are you listening? THESE are the films we should be seeing. No more Dead or Alive, please. Why haven’t we ever seen a properly good film based on a game? Here I’m going to suggest some games that could make great movies.

10. Borderlands

Borderlands was an absolute gameplay-fest; providing tonnes of sidequests, lots of guns, lots of EXP, and stats flying all over the place. You could play the whole thing co-op with your friends, too. What the game didn’t really offer though, was an original plot. In a nutshell, hunters on a wasteland-like planet are looking for a thing called “The Vault.” You go to look for “The Vault.”

Why make it into a film then? Well, what is present in Borderlands is a level of humour that most games don’t offer. The expansion The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned even made me laugh out loud at times – which is an unprecedented thing to happen while playing. I can’t really quote any of the humour here, because it’s all “contextual.” But…something just makes me think that David X. Cohen and Matt Groening could be called upon to turn it into a very funny film. Or any of the crew from Futurama. An over-the-top sci-fi action-comedy with writing in the vein of that (hilarious) series, that could also spoof on the over-abundance of post-apocalyptic films flooding cinemas at the moment. A shot in the dark? Probably. But it’d be more interesting than the Tekken or Street Fighter films, at least.

I wouldn’t suggest adapting Borderlands as something other than my proposed idea of a genuinely funny comedy with exciting gunfights, explosions, and large creatures thrown in. Otherwise it’d turn out a little bland.

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  • will

    hello: half-life? That would make an awesome series.

    • Bob

      really ????????…..and what would Freeman say, hm, what would his lines be???….Freeman:”………………………………………….”

      • not-too-bored

        I agree. If Half-Life were to be made into a movie, Gordon Freeman would half to talk, and I’m not too comfortable with that realization.

        • Saytahri

          Or perhaps he could just not be the main character?
          Or maybe you COULD do it without him talking.  It could work I think, maybe.

    • thunder

      Crysis 2 would be a awesome movie.

    • Noreply

      You forgot the best: Starcraft.

    • Zombieman69

      I think a movie based on crysis 2 would be very not to watch as long as the budget was big enough to make it right, and i feel the same way about gears of war

    • derp

       what about fallout?

  • Apakal

    You left out one of my favorite games of all time; Shadow of the Colossus. Though thin on plot and dialogue, the numerous, gigantic monster battles, incredibly lush and dynamic world, and the sheer epic factor of the game could easily translate into an incredible movie experience.

  • http://filmonic.com Liam

    I agree. I'm not sure i'd trust a movie studio with it though. It'd need a rather sizeable budget too, unless they make it like District 9.

    • Vance Vance Revolution

      I would vouch for Half-Life, but then again…

      Falling Skies, a TV show with a big budget and *possibly* long run-time (it’s either have to be a series of movies or a miniseries/show for Half-Life’s epic scope):

      – enslaved aliens (cough cough Vortigaunts)
      – alien parasites that integrate with the host (headcrabs)
      – alternatively, enslaved/cooperating humans (Civil Protection, Stalkers,  et al.)
      – bio/mechanical war machines (striders, or at least hunter-striders)
      – background alien race in chage (Combine Administrators)
          + as a bonus, we don’t even know if THEY”RE top dog…
      – giant technological edifices placed in major cities (Citadels)
      – Huge, sudden, devastating first wave (Seven-Hour War)
      – Secondary, controlling force (Half-Life 2 and episodes)
      – slave aliens with telepathic and/or electro-magnetic powers (Vortigaunts again)
      – scrappy human resistance (kind of a given…)
      – use of alien tech/ammo (combine guns, Dr. Freeman)

      Otherwise, it’s just missing a bit of alien flora/fauna, physics guns, a Doctor-leader (oh, wait, never mind), incredibly long pauses between episode releases, and a shadowy, human-like G-man (one… can on-ly… hope.).
      If they can just clean up the cheesiness & keep copying the games, I’ll be happy with this.

      • Guest McGuesterson

        I agree about Falling Skies- definitely reminds me of the Half-Life universe sometimes. Still Half-Life rocks face.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jared-Krichevsky/737155520 Jared Krichevsky

    PLEASE PLEASE make mass effect! It was truly a top notch game and the story of the first Human Spectre would give plenty of opportunities for action and intrigue. Also an awesome Chrono Trigger movie would be appreciated.

  • Nick

    nice list! I think all of the games mentioned would do great as movies! One that isnt on there that i think would be cool is if someone put together a really solid Dark Cloud movie or even a Deus Ex movie :D

  • nick

    and just to throw it out there, the comic series Fables would be incredible as a movie series as long as they end it in the right spot

  • zane99

    the fact Half-Life was left out of this list leaves it meaningless and it seems that 90% of this list is made of games that have come out in the last few years. Not exactly rocket science to list the most popular games of the last few years and say “they should be films”.

    A couple of titles i would have thrown in; Half Life series, Metal Gear Solid series, Killzone series, castlevania series, Deus Ex, etc etc

    • Guest

      Yes, most of the films on my list have come out recently. Not BECAUSE they came out recently, but because the 10 games I would most like to see made into films just happen to have come out recently. Games have become increasingly more cinematic over the last few years, their plots more complex, and as such, I can envision more recent games as films more easily. I don’t see why you seem to think I’d throw together a list of games just because they came out closer to the present? And listing the most popular games of the last few years and saying “they should be films” is not what I’ve done here. I listed ten games *I* thought would make great films, and gave reasons for my thoughts. Had I done what you claim I’ve done, it would’ve looked something like this:

      1. Wii Sports
      2. Wii Play
      3. Nintendogs
      4. New Super Mario Brothers
      5. Wii Fit
      6. Brain Training
      7. Pokemon
      8. Mario Kart Wii
      9. Halo
      10. Call of Duty


      A very different thing. I don’t really see what “rocket science” has to do with it. Filmonic is a film site.

      Just because my top ten games don’t match yours, doesn’t mean I thoughtlessly put the best-selling games all together in a list. I wouldn’t waste my time doing something like that. It’d be pointless. Personally, I think that Metal Gear Solid’s storyline is much too complicated to transfer to film. And I adore the Half-Life games, particularly the second one – I just feel that it works better as a game. I like PLAYING as Gordon Freeman myself, and experiencing everything through his eyes (although admittedly, I’d love to see this universe in live-action). Also take into consideration that I haven’t played every game ever made – Castlevania and Deus Ex are two series that I have never played properly. Therefore I can’t say whether I’d like to see them as films. Nonetheless, all of your suggestions COULD make good films too – my list is just MY opinion. If a Half-Life movie was announced? Great. I’d be excited. I just didn’t put it in this list.

      Apologies to everyone else here for this, but this sort of comment really drives me insane. If you DID like the article – I’m glad!

  • Matt

    can't agree on your actor to play Andrew Ryan, the character model looks exactly like Kevin Spacey!!

  • vcurtz

    100% agree with the Mass Effect movie. And I know what you mean about it being like.. bigger then the other sci-fi movies that are going on right now. Avatar for suuuuure won't cut it. (Still love Avatar though), and yeah, Star Trek doesn't feel as big.
    I always thought like, maybe this could be the next Star Wars. And Bioware talked about the movie a bit more since ME2, they said they've had a lot of Hollywood interest or something, but they're waiting on the right time, because they want to actually do it good. Which gives me hope. :3 Gonna get all teary eyed here, but for once, it's doesn't seem all about the money with Bioware.

    Who's a CANADIAN company! :D Hellz yeah! *is Canadian*
    But I digress.. This list makes me happy. <3

  • Kyle

    I would love to see F.E.A.R as a film, but as far as games to films go not many get done well.
    But if they could turn it into a horror/thriller/action film i would love to see it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dannielle-Barnett/100000499265037 Dannielle Barnett

    I would definately be behind a movie made from RE4. The movies so far have been a total disappointment but one modeled after RE4 goes well outside of the “typical” RE games and movies.

  • Bishop

    Daniel Day Lewis as Andrew Ryan… Great idea. I´d buy it.

  • bishop

    I totally agree with the Silent Hill part. The dispair and the sense of desperation (where nothing earthly is going to be able to satisfy you) is the whole point of the games. There were too many characters in Gans´ interpretation of the game. Silent Hill 2 and The Door, are the games to use as reference in order to capture the atmosphere.

  • Bishop

    …and also, David Finch (Se7en) for director, for the Silent Hill movie (if Bayona is unavailable). :)

    • 311fan


  • Bishop

    For the first comment: It was ´The Room´ not ´The Door´… sorry

  • Frank

    you guys should take a look at F.E.A.R. Properly done, it'd make a really good movie.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BPS3KPBXLBEI7RFTDBUFSSJWCE carbidecutout

    no fallout 3?

    • http://twitter.com/gozcu7 hayrullah

      definately should’ve been first on the list. its a great game

      • LikeABoss!

        I fallout 3 is an amazing game, and that borderlands is also great but the both of them on the same list? it should be a fallout or borderlands, just my opinion

  • Will

    1. Legacy of Kain – The most underrated video game ever. 1st game I can think of that gave the player the option to destroy the world.

    2. Mega Man – Wouldn't you see a live action Mega Man movie?

    3. ShadowHearts – This would bring out the religious 3rd reich, but along with L of K, this was a great original story.

    • Jadore 19

      LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE Shadow Hearts! I seriously consider it to be one of my favorite games. I think it could be an awesome movie if given the right direction. Lots of potential with a very original plot. 

  • miroslavCCCC

    #1 The Condemned. Criminal Origins

  • POL

    How about Gears of War?

  • http://www.keithdickens.com Keith Dickens

    Assassin's Creed.

    • Www Username

      They have one

  • aanthony

    i also think kingdom hearts would make a great movie, 1 and 2 would be so epic

  • Iru

    I would personally add Heavenly Sword to the list. Though the game was designed to be as cinematic of an experience as possible, I would love to see a live-action adaptation of the replayable cutscenes.

    My other choice of game-to-movie would be the Metal Gear Solid series. I would pay three times to see that for each movie.

  • skydancer669

    What about Metal Gear Solid, perhaps the best game story ever imagined?

    As far Kratos being likeable, also, that's not the issue with his character. Writing a character who will be the protagonist means making us “empathize” with him/her, not like them.

    Any character can be “likeable” based on what we percieve as qualities deserving our admiration. It takes relevent desires and reasons for a person's actions to cause “empathy,” which is ultimatelly what makes a protagonist a protagonist. Many films have had “bad guys” who are the protagonist and we still love them even though what they do is often repulsive to our morals.

    Kratos has a deep motivation for his actions and thus not much work would need to be done.

  • Ciollin jernigan

    I'm surprised Metal Gear Solid is not on this list. that's one of the best cinematic games of all time.

  • DIO

    LOL GTA should never ever be a live action movie because you enjoy the game more killing people than doing the missions and making a movie would be totally dumb

  • loosenut

    Isn't the point of a game to be part of an interactive movie? So, why take away the interactivity? It's more fun to be part of the story. What do you get out of making them into movies?

  • Mitch

    Where's Kingdom Hearts?

  • zeus

    definitely heroes of might and magic. a true saga that would be! maybe warcraft. epic tale potential

  • zeus

    definitely heroes of might and magic. a true saga that would be! maybe warcraft. epic tale potential

  • HL Fan

    I love the Half Life series to death, which is exactly why I don't want it made into a movie; I know that Hollywood would utterly ruin its movie.

  • HL Fan

    I love the Half Life series to death, which is exactly why I don't want it made into a movie; I know that Hollywood would utterly ruin its movie.

  • Phoenix_vishal

    American mcgees is AWESOME

  • JB

    they left out a game probably one of the top 5 best games of 09 Assassins Creed would make a perfect movie ….with Assassins Creed Lineage it proved that it can be good on screen

  • Naven

    Definitely Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Darth Vader's secret apprentice definitely deserves some screentime.

  • Avengers00

    what about metal gear solid ? it will be a best movie dont you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zachary-Cayson/701184529 Zachary Cayson

    watch the trailer for ign's april fools joke from I think two years ago. Live action would work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christian-De-Oliveira-Simioni/100000554705330 Christian De Oliveira Simioni

    you forgot Half-Life and Metal Gear

  • Avenge

    Halo by far

  • Arkimus

    they should make the first film about the spartan 2 program, and have john already beginning his rank ascension. Than at the end, when hes older, a from behind the head shot putting the helmet on.

  • http://www.supergirloutfit.com johnstoneiain

    Half-life would make a great movie there is so much story to work with and it already has a massive following. Possibly one of the big RPG game like Dragon age – but so much could be done badly – Dungeons and dragons for example, ok so not based on a computer game but still so much to work with and they killed it within the first 5 min of that film.

  • Jeseeu

    I think fallout 3 would do good in a movie too :) or Advent Rising..one of the most awesome games ive ever played :X

  • Asd

    The creator of this didnt obviously play Dragon Age: Origins :P

  • Valkyrie

    metal gear solid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mstork89

    “And you can’t really have a film about someone who sets out basically to kill everyone. Can you?”

    Kill Bill what?

  • Brother~

    StarCraft and StarCraft 2 would be a series to add to this list

  • ZSchwarz12

    Who the hell made this? I mean Halo lost to some Alice in Wonderland? Also where the hell is Half-life?

  • Plinkaplinka

    kratos = ass wipe??? youre kidding right!? can tell you dont have a dick!! just like everyone else in this new age no dick world we live in!! kratos is badass!!!

  • Dick

    This is clearly a list of the top 10 games you play.

  • Meghan

    I must mention that Bioshock has been going through it's own production hell. It was picked up by Universal in 2008 with Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) as director but Universal halted pre-production due to budget and rating concerns.
    Verbainski dropped down to producer status when it was decided that the film would be shot overseas. Juan Carlo Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was brought in as the new director.
    It is still (luckily) in pre-production but Universal seems determined to make it PG-13 which Verbainski is adamantly (and rightfully) against. He says it should only be an R-rated movie and shouldn't be dumbed down just so they could have a greater audience.
    Just thought i'd point that out…

  • neoikon

    Left 4 Dead! Would be a great, mindless, action, zombie movie!

  • Guest


  • Warrren

    i fail to see starcraft on that list

  • Paul



  • Alex

    Warcraft games should be made into one big massive film

    • Kevin

      Yea wow would be and awesome movie exept all the nerds wanting to see it wouldn’t have a girlfriend to take with them. If you want a wow themed movie then watch “The Lord of the Rings” and pretend….

  • Jonnythefoxx

    i now feel moved enough to comment. im sorry but no the legend of zelda is as good as it is due to the players heavy envolvement in the character. i would also view the taking of links development movie wise out of nintendos hands a very bad call. done right video games are a much more immersive medium than movies, attachments are made in the process of completeing a game that cannot be conveyed by simply watching the hero on screen

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ELCWV5ANDUEJ5D5PB35FL2LZ6Y Bildo


    Though I thought The Book of Eli looked very similar in how the overall post nuclear world would look.

  • Sanyi_21

    This list is a fakework! Starcraft??? Fallout??? Half-Life???

  • [skaarj]

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (series), half-life (1,2), FEAR (series), Fallout(3), Metro 2033… those are cool concepts to start with.

    • [skaarj]

      [skaarj] again – I forgot Unreal 1 (single player) and the rest – return to Na Pali and also the best mod made by Team Vortex (I forgot the name but I love it)

  • Kebos

    i would like to see a movie made from dawn of war.space marines,chaos,orks,eldar,necrons.wouldnt have to have all of them just 2 or 3.could be an awesome movie if done right.

  • HSN

    Starcraft should totally be made into a movie

  • Kovahig

    While reading this game, I honestly felt like the author just thought of 10 of the most popular games to come out in the past 4 years or so and then said “MAKE A MOVIE”, rather than evaluating these games based on their story lines and movie material. Here’s why I think the author failed:
    First: Borderlands? The ending was absolutely atrocious, so unless you rewrite the story all that you basically have to go on is post apocalyptic / punk desert world with lots of guns looking for treasure.
    Second: he mentions Silent Hill in the honorable mentions… let’s not forget that a Silent Hill movie was actually already made, and in terms of video games to movies, it’s actually not half bad. (didn’t do research)
    Third: I’m sorry, Halo itself is the most overrated and overhyped game of this generation, and that includes the story line itself as completely unremarkable from other sci-fi games.
    Fourth: Modern Warfare. Because we totally don’t have enough movies about spec-ops teams stopping terrorists and/or ex-patriots from starting world destruction. Or movies about XYZ invading the U.S. Wouldn’t do anything to set itself apart from other movies and really only be hyped because it’s based off of a popular video game.
    Fifth: Not saying Half-Life (1 or 2) upsets me, but that’s a preference thing.

  • Yuki

    WARCRAFT III for sure !

  • anon

    what about crysis?

  • Jacob Patton

    Metal Gear Solid

    • Anony

      The story is uNbEliEvAbLe!

      • Untold Hero

        Can’t beleive they miss out on this game

  • luckeycat

    there was a halo movie, and it was a larger fail then fucking 2012 will be!

  • Hunter

    Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason would be awesome

  • Powisss


  • Powisss


  • Ezio

    Wow… No Assassin’s Creed love?

  • Fbovgs

    Fatal Frame series would be cool too

  • dontforgotmetalgear

    Come on you´re including Borderlands but forgot to include Metal Gear Solid, jzzz

  • Anonymous

    after all the cinematics of starcraft 2 this list is a joke if you dont ask for a film ..

  • Guest69

    Assassin’s Creed needs to be made in to a movie…one of the best games developed

  • Bookd

    Uncharted would be better than any of these

  • Rocco1504

    Why no one ever made a film of Time Splitters is beyond me, it would have been bloody hilarious.
    I can just imagine Vin Diesel as Cortez..

  • http://www.agradewatches.com Fangxuankong

    a a a a aisw a;sljk sadc

  • Fidez

    freddiew make short film on modern warfare 2. check it out on youtube. nice effect!

  • Fake

    you forgot fallout.

  • nonono

    wtf? I see no one remember Crysis?

    Holy shit.

    • Anon

      read the old anon comment and you see it was before your comment he/she say what about crysis?

  • Biocupcake

    From the news I hear that they are making the Bioshock movie and it will come out next year. I can’t wait to see it!! XD

  • Sven

    One that would make a GREAT movie with an awesome director and choreographing would be the awesome ASSASSIN”S CREED series. They already have a great plot and gameplay to it, a movie would be epic

  • Guest

    What about Left 4 Dead??

  • dude

    OI! Uncharted!

  • ToxicGeth

    Yeah, they all would do nice movies (and many other games too) but the problem is buying the copyright to (Using as example Mass Effect) Charachters,Names,Races, and all the rest… unless it’s Bioware to do the film, which i don’t think….

  • mayne


  • Sr

    horrible list

  • guest

    Metal Gear Solid!!

  • Looksas

    devil may cry will do (i think) (means real life movie dmc ‘kay? it’s already had anime series though)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Logan-Murphy/100001535315503 Logan Murphy


  • FeRD_NYC

    Mass Effect, and “bigger”, “bigger”, “bigger!” (than Star Trek, Avatar, etc…) — did you NOT see “Fifth Element”?

  • Mgbarotto

    Before I started reading, I thought for myself: “If Bioshock isn’t in this list, I’ll sue this guy”, lucky you :P

  • Luke Brennan-Scott

    Mirrors Edge should be on the list as well!!!

  • lachie

    uh… wtf?

    METROID!!! If your gunna do this list, do it right. And Starcraft.

  • Cavic8899

    Man, it will never go into my head why they dont make movies like this one… I saw amateur movies that blew me away, and what budget do they have? And the fucking producers that have millions of dolars budget they make shiti movies! The worst movie i ever saw was Vampire Hunter. That movie is the esence of stupidity. I WOULD KILL THE IDIOT THAT CAME UP AND MADE THAT SHIT OF A MOVIE! And those that make similar shit of movies!

  • Cavic8899

    I meant Halo 3 ODST.

  • aidos

    modern warfare would not make a good movie. it would blend in with all other anti terrorist movie… all 3 billion of them.
    if you want a good army based movie from a game, choose battlefield: bad company, the first one. its humour and individual plot with some easily relatable characters would easily make a great movie. hell, all you actually need is actors, just get them to do exactly what the players would do and your done.
    and honestly, forget making horror movies from horror games, it will never work like it should. you just wont get the same feeling on a screen as you do controlling the character yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=689117748 Mark Dickinson

    No Gears of War?

    I do wish someone would make a Halo movie though, it has the best campaigns of any game around.

  • Sendura

    I dunno about a Call of Duty film. It sounds like something only Michael Bay would enjoy doing.

  • Gettheledout89

    GEARS OF WAR the script and story board is already there all they need is the buffed up live actors.

  • Ice_cold_0wnage

    How can Metal Gear Solid not be in this list?

  • Lolol

    Where’s Metroid Prime? O.O

  • neil

     really. No metal gear solid.

  • PatrickxXxMarshall

    well i agree with the F.E.A.R movie and Shadow of Colossus movie. Both of them would be splended if the right producer looked at it. i personally would love to see a drakengard movie, the game took my breath away. it expresses love, death, religion, downfall of mankind, war, mythilogical beasts, happiness, and sadness. the game connects with you and you connect with it. the game has a epic and compeleing landscape with a beautiful story line and characters that you will attach to and the same goes with fallout 3 and new vages. anways would love to see drakengard and the fallout made into a movie

  • noemailacct

    what about gears of war, assassins creed, red dead redemption, and wow?

  • Drew Skiffington

    Army of 2…….nuff said

  • Anonymous

    I think that some of the old Lucas Arts games, like Grim Fandango, would make for a great movie.
    Same with the first two Gabriel Knight games.

  • Getdeclue

    Alice in Wonderland’s undertones are already pretty dark, so i will have to play this game. I am interested to see if it stays true to the original at all.

  • Thien47

    assassins creed anyone?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Veale-Clark/1342886849 Alan Veale-Clark

    Either of the recent Fall Out games would make awesome films, if done properly. What about Final Fantasy 13?

    Red Dead Redemption would be an interesting twist on the old western movies.

    What about the Dead Space games?

  • Liz

    I think you should have included Assassin’s Creed in there too…such an insane plot line, the scenery would be amazing as it would include most of Italy, the Middle East and parts of Northern Europe, and some pretty fucking sweet costumes and characters. 

  • http://twitter.com/boltok Ahmed Sajjad Zaidi

    My wishlist: Half-Life, Diablo, Baldur’s Gate and off course, Warcraft.

  • Ozzie

    How about Red Dead Redemption?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/IVLJXV5UIUMNFP2ECIJQQA564Y Joseph

    I’d have to agree with some sort of Fallout movie as posted in the comments.
    Also, I’m quite surprised there was no mention of Metal Gear Solid, though also
    not so surprised. Each game of itself is quite theatrical with the prolonged cut-scenes and what’not. And, knowing “Hollywood”, they’d screw it up in a second.

  • John

    Borderlands movie? I think yes!

  • Your_mom

    Pokemon would make a good series.

  • IRockyFan1

    What the fuck? No Metal Gear Solid?

  • Jerlkola

    What About Shadow Of The Colossus

  • shamose

    legacy of kain!!!!

  • Lucifer

    Fallout.  End of discussion.

  • 1337

    Assassins Creed! as soon as they finish the trilogy! xD That would be a weird movie!

  • Mew

    No Gears of War? That’d be an awesom movie…Good plot, some twists…I see possibilities…

  • Chunkylover

    Monkey Island

  • Waca

    2 letters… sc

  • chris

    Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout….Fallout

  • Fallout

    Um Fallout 3 and Heavy Rain? Hello!?! Fallout 3 would be a massive hit and Heavy Rain is already like a movie so actually seeing the plot would be amazing.

  • Kaas_verdiaan

    world of warcraft!

  • David

    What about Uncharted?

  • Maldrich76

    The only problem with this list is that all of these games are incredibly popular, whereas there are games that are less known but I think might look better as a movie.  Rise of Legends and Paraworld are a few good ones, with a heavy basis on cinematic battles over gameplay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Trier/631846262 Jonathan Trier

    I cant believe that you left out the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. Not even an honorable mention. The plot and story lines in those games are epic!

  • Eric_phillips_16

    all great games, but, why not world of warcraft. a movie made from WOW would be freaking cool.

  • Anonymous

    Mafia 1 and 2 would also make great movies.

  • 3wj

    No Fallout????  Where is Diablo???? 

  • AwesomeGuestPerson

    Where the heck is Half Life Series it would be the best and i agree for the most part except Halo at 2nd and put Half Life/Half Life 2eps at 1st

  • Branden

    What about gears of war?? Just the story line is enough to start a movie. I mean come on it’s one of the best selling most action packed games on the market. Why didnt this make the list??

  • Guest McGuesterson

    There are plenty of stories left in the Halo universe. You could do an actual miniseries about Spartans maybe before or during training (I guess both would be awesome in the same miniseries going back and forth) Then you come out with an epic trilogy about the Forerunners or the invasion and at the end of the third one you somehow show master Chiefs helmet after the credits. done and done. 

  • Thayer

    HALF-LIFE IS LEFT OFF?! Automatically I lost respect for this article. The other one which isn’t as well know but would be amazing is The Witcher.

  • Nasty-nick

    ok this would be a great movie..all the others mentioned before this one  would be a bad idea..

  • Nasty-nick

    this  would be a huge success

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Williams/100002589070062 John Williams

    I could agree with all those except one. Call of Duty. I only have this to say about that. NO. Hell NO! FV[K NO. HELL FV[KING NO. I f they do Make a movie about COD. They should call it     CALL OF SH***Y. NUFF SAID

  • Hipolito

    Does the game METAL GEAR SOLID sounds familiar???

  • Greenthumb69

    WARCRAFT??????  how could you not include warcraft??? i mean the entire series…. it would be EPIC!!!!

  • Chrisp_parker

    What about uncharted

  • Bdmdrfckr


    Obviously hasn’t played Half life or portal. For shame…

  • Fatarc

    cant believe assasins creed wasnt in top 10 or either baulders gate or anything linked with drizzit dourden

  • xzbit

    Ever since I first played them, Warcraft 3 and the frozen throne expansion are what I consider will be the ultimate game-to-movie games!

  • Aenadan

    Still waiting for a Homeworld adaption. Ten episodes for HBO, perhaps?

  • Mike F

    Where is Uncharted!?! Would that not make a great movie? Not CG though, real actors, otherwise i’d just play the game. Plus, its mostly realistic so CG would NOT be needed(mostly).

  • Dylanrodriguez59

    god of war would be a beast ass movie

  • Ia5662

    No respect for this article, WHERE THE HELL IS Half-Life!???? Idiot. I already have visions in my mind about Gordon Freeman being a mute scientist who can obviously still get the job done, but just can’t speak. It would totally play into the originality of the game and set up a very original on-screen character who reacts to everything around him, but says nothing. If they could get the actual guy who plays Barney the Cop in there, I’m sold.

    Wolfentstein is another one that would make a pretty fun movie I think.

  • Royal Ryno4

    Gears of War? And out of the list, BioShock (in my opinion) should be number 1. It’s story doesn’t relate to any movie out there unlike Mass Effect (people may relate it to Star Wars) and Modern Warfare (too generic). It’s story is original and takes place in a strange time period for it.

  • Nothinkas


  • http://www.facebook.com/carricku Carrick Underdown

    Good choices I would have added: Fallout 3 (or somthing in the Fallout universe), Dragon Age and something is the Elder Scrolls series (Like Oblivion)

  • Bigdadc28601

    Make a movie on any of the Final Fantasy games.  Graphics and characters are awesome.

  • Random

    Haha…Bioshock is actually going to be a film sometime next year.

  • Assasini

    Assassins Creed hands down would make an epic movie series.  

  • BriBri

    I want a System Shock 2 movie :)

  • Danigar_84

    Well it’s pretty obvious that the most popular games are on this list, but if you dig deeper there are some games with a truly cinematic potential, due to their focus on story and characters like Grim Fandango (Imagine a Tim Burton-esque recreation), or Gabriel Knight

  • Meta.Dave


  • guest

    red dead redemption…. the game was like a movie. it should be made into one

  • Redsteph1966

    I’d like to see a mini-series of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.  Too many different stories in it for a two hour movie, but a series of about 10 hrs in length would get all the plot twists of this intricately plotted game.

  • Tefcesol

    how about warcraft 3 best story ever would make an exelent movie

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000563673292 Zoe Harrington

    I think that fallout would make a better film than all of them!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancydennyfetters Nancy Denny Fetters

    I think Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver would make the most awesome movie, what ya think?

  • Carm1


  • Nick_wijker

    yeah a zelda movie!! did you see the april fools trailer on youtube!? omg!!

  • Bob

    the only, true game which need to be made into a movie is…..DUKE “FUCKING” NUKEM tananam tananam. tananam tananm. Let’s rock

  • sandman

    No Metal Gear Solid? Really? Damn, I’m disappointed. I really thought it would be number one. Still pretty good list.

  • Tiberian1138

    district 9 was made AFTER production on Halo was stopped due to ballooning budget issues.

  • Alex

    left 4 dead would make a wonderful zombie movie.

  • Sujit Jacob Oommen

    uncharted should be no.1 god of war and uncharted are in a completely diff. league when compared to the others and i hate your reviews and there are so many games that could be a movie other than the ones you mentions…. for God’s sake GTA 4??
    its very very obvious you havent played much games!!!
    pls dont do reviews if you dont know any s**t!!! 

    no uncharted!!!! what a stupid review!!

  • Eblow92

    Shadow of the Collosus.

  • Superrugby2

    i feel any of these had any imagination to them, the writer just picked ten big sellers there are better games with better story

  • Bennett

    The problem with Borderlands and Modern Warfare is that they have very threadbare stories.  Most of the appeal comes from the actual gameplay, and when you take that away all that’s left is a bored audience

  • Bennett

    I’d love to see the VFX team that did Scott Pilgrim do a Street Fighter movie.

  • mzeey

    how can you not put metal gear solid , it showednt just be there it showed have been number one

  • Holdingthedeck

    Three words: Metal Gear Solid!



  • hollywoodgee

    Sanity: Aiken ok game, interesting concept and ending!

  • Anonymous

    No Fallout?! Fallout should be made movie along with Mass Effect and may be BioShock. Other are not too good candidates.

  • TheTruth

    Gears of War!! u silly fcks

  • Detu_016

    It would be better if they made it into fully animated films, like Resident Evil: Degeneration. At least that could still capture a video game feel. Still, it would be nice to see a video game movie done properly; that would be epic.

  • cwood

    How about Resistance? 

  • Steve

    Blood Omen Series!

  • ?? ?

    my shit fucked out when i saw Zelda.

  • 3smil

    Can somebody tell to the autor Where the hell did he put Dead Space series?!!!

  • stillill408

    how about metroid, rygar and castlevania

  • Louis

    mw3 has come out dubass

  • Schwabthedramadrummer

    a movie with a plot to kill everyone, have you never seen the Kill Bill Series???

  • Guest

    Ever see the Metroid other m live action trailer?? I believe it would make a great movie!

  • Dick Manclaw

    this is just a list of games you liked.

  • MILANjoshi

    how can you not have the number one of all and that is METAL GEAR SOLID BEAT ANY OF THESE STORYLINES

  • TriadWarfare

    Metal Gear Solid would be a great movie. I can’t believe that you didn’t include it. 

  • AC Fans

    Why no one ever choose Assasin Creed as movies? Great stories i think…. the stories follows the character from birth untill his dead. It was a great stories to be filmed though…

  • Skyrim :D

    skyrim  :D

  • JuicieJ

    I would actually say most fans wouldn’t care about Link talking in a film (me included). I mean, it’s not one of the games, so the fans aren’t actually “being Link”, and many fans read the mangas and don’t mind Link having lines. Sure, some fanboys would protest, but the majority probably wouldn’t care.

  • Angelsherry822

    I’d love to see World of Warcraft as a movie. They’ve been talking about it for years but still no results.

  • Blee

    Interstate 76. 

  • gtrplyr05n


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOFDZ4EQ25KLBOKFMUSI7QZW5Y tomatolifterson

    what about knights of the old republic 1 and 2?

  • Doron Shorer

    what with fallout 3 and new vegas

  • NAGxxOUT

    @Apakal:disqus , finally someone who loves Shadow of the Colossus as much as i do. That game is fully amazing and deserves much more attention. Still better than most games on the market today.

  • Kimo2a


  • Dgosling

    Fallout, not even a mention.

  • John

    Halo all the way.. but they should do it in order but with multiple perspectives Like in halo2 with the arbiter. And For the love of god to have Master Chief in it.

  • reaper1354

    gears of war movie in a 300 type format would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    Like to see Assassins creed movie. Deus ex and killzone would be amazing. MW2 tho mass effect and halo would see hands down.

    God of war eh too many movies based on greek mythology already like to see more of norse mythology you where most of are main stream fantasy comes from?

  • Zorfax123

    assassins creed, not the first, but the ones after.

  • guest


  • Gooch

    The only one of these that is feasible is Arkham Asylum and that is because it is based on a graphic novel. In general it is impossible to tone the 10 to 50 hour escapades into a 2 hour movie. That is why I do not advocate turning games into movies. Especially Mass effect, even if a film maker was able to accurately capture the essence of that world, it would not be as powerful because you are a casual observer, not an active participant. Why is it that film is the final say in entertainment? Why is that if someone thinks that a book or video game is good that it will make a good movie? Can it just exist in its own world and be appreciated for its own value? If I want to spend time and money on video game entertainment, by God it is going to be on a video game, not a shitty movie.

  • Jared

    Assassins creed would make the best movie of them all, gta for a tv series would be epic.

  • Peter

    Metal Gear Solid !

  • Andrew Rustad

    Diablo I. Finding hell through the basement of a church, releasing demons onto earth through the twisted minds of the priest and king. Sounds like a good movie, and not to far away from real life.

  • Zersssie